Rodrigo Bento d’Almeida is a multidisciplinary artist. Born in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, Lisbon, capital of Portugal, he always felt embraced by his parents with a loving and artistic environment. Since he was young, time was never a problem to create. Doing collages or painting with his father and sister on the attic of their house was one the family amusements.
Unfortunately when Rodrigo was 15 years old, he followed the death of his father and this fact made him grow a bubble around him. Sheltering in creativity, he developed an endless interest for arts in general so that he could avoid sadness. It was always difficult for him to answer the big question “What you want to do when you grow up?” and it still is. He chose Graphic Design as a career and art as a hobby to try to complete the gap.
When he was 27 years old he realised that living behind a computer wasn’t enough to complete his satisfaction needs and artistic deeds. Rodrigo went to Ecuador for 3 months to volunteer in reforestation and there he found a place like he dreamed of since he was 16 years old. A small fisherman’s town with nice people, nice weather, a beautiful tropical forest and a lovely wave to surf. After the 3 months he went back to Portugal and he noticed that was no longer he’s home. There was no home anymore. A developed country was no longer a nest for him so he went to Africa to visit a friend and to see if could be a nice place to stay. Mozambique also didn’t fulfil his needs because Ecuador was still wondering in his head. After 6 months he went back to Portugal to pack and definitely move to Ecuador. That was when he decided to start a journey. Live the way he wanted. Use his grandfather and father’s genes to explore another continent. To embrace a different culture and open up to the world.
Now, with 41 years old, Rodrigo is learning to live as an artist/traveller always with a sentence on his mind:
“Flow and love”