Face and body paintings carry strong symbolism. It's a way of expressing the tribe's own identity. 
Face painting also includes patterns for identifying families and clans. 
For families, painted faces also indicate happiness for some good news they have received.
The use of face paints also serve as a way to express beauty, love, pride and bravery.

Scope of project
- Brand Positioning
- Identity Design System
- Merchandise and Packaging Design
- Poster Design

Create a brand identity which reflects the vision and the mission of the company. The goal of the project was to create an exclusive and urban concept following the brief’s target: young people who live the city actively with an independent and creative minded. They needed a responsive logo for more stuff like print, web and social media supports.

Through graphic symbols, we wanted to give the brand an identity with its own personality, easy to identify and remember. We took a trip to the roots of humanity where living and community meant survival, pride and bravery. With this identity, we wanted to transpose that same meaning, giving it new values ​​that evoke the meaning of each one. With the objective of belonging and wanting to be part of it, transmitting positive and emotional values.
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